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Purchase Settings

Purchase Settings can be accessed by going into Settings menu as shown in the side image.

  1. Remove Tax from Stock Transfer – This will remove the Taxation part from the product section in Stock Transfer Module.
  2. Show alert for Barcode Print – This will show you an alert and ask you if you want to print Barcode for the selected product.
  3. Enable Auto-barcode Generation in Purchase – This will generate barcode for the all the products listed in the Purchase. But, this option is dependent on another field named as Barcode Generation Field which has Barcode, Serial and Product Code from Master as possible values using which the Barcode based on the Quantity will be generated.
  4. Enable Sub-Contact in Purchase – This will enable a new field named as Contact person which is useful in-case an organization has appointed a person who looks after the Purchases then he/she may be contacted for any communication.
  5. Enable E-way Bill Validation in Purchase – This will enable E-way billing section where the user can specify E-way bill details assigned to a specific purchase.
  6. Enable Freight and FIN in Purchase Product – This will enable Freight and FIN fields in product where the user can specify the required amount in respective fields for individual products.
  7. Enable Manufacturing Date in Purchase – Enabling this will allow the user to specify the Manufacturing date for individual product. This is useful if the Product is perishable or time-bound usage.
  8. Enable EVC Reminder on Dashboard – This will enable EVC reminders on Dashboard if required permissions are assigned (if available).
  9. Enable Serial Number in Purchase Product – This will enable Serial Number field in Products, where the user can manually set the values or use automatic generation available via Serial Number generation via Company Details.
  10. Enable Quantity in Case(s) and Number(s) in Purchase – Enabling this, the user will be able to set the Quantity in the form of Case(s) and No(s) which will further calculate the total Quantity.
  11. Enable TCS in Purchase – Enabling this will allow the user to TCS percentage. This will affect the grand total and Tax calculations.
  12. Enable Excise Duty in Purchase – This will enable Excise duty in Purchase module.
  13. Enable Multi-Assign in Purchase – This will enable Multi-assign field, where the user will be able to assign multiple users to single record. This will affect the record visibility.
  14. Enable Manual Serial Numbering in Purchase Product Serials – Enabling this will allow user to manually set numbering for the products.
  15. Enable View To All in Purchase – Enabling this will show a new switch in Purchase. Upon enabling this will make the record visible to all users irrespective of the hierarchy defined.
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