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User Deletion

User is one of the most important and mostly used objects in the Nafhaa platform, hence users are linked with almost records. Any transactional record is referenced with at least one user. So it’s always recommended to mark a user as Inactive instead of deleting (refer to the inactive user article for more details).

If in any case it is needed to delete the user instead of marking it as Inactive then you need to use the bulk data transfer module under the Administration menu. Try to transfer all the ownership and assigned records of the user to be deleted to another active user and then try to delete the user, this method may not work sometimes as the user is been linked to various logs such as audit logs, login logout logs, etc. Hence it is always advisable to mark the user as Inactive and not to delete it from the system. Making users Inactive has its own benefits which you can find in the Inactive user article.

The deletion of a user is not a standard method and may not be successful.

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