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Storage Manager

Storage Manager is a simple utility similar to that we have in Windows. But, this is for your Nafhaa Portal. As your, portal comes with default Disk Quota with 1 GB ie. 1024 MB. If, you exhaust this disk space, you won’t be able to upload any files as attachment in any module and you will have to buy additional disk space.

Please Note – We at Nafhaa urge users to upload PDF files, Image which are compressed like PNG which are light weight in terms of file size. This will help you to save disk space and upload more files in for efficient way.

This looks a very simple utility but with destructive power of deletion of files. Please be very careful while deleting the files and it is irreversible process.

As shown above, it displays the basic information at the top with total number of files and folder along with disk usage. Below, displays the list of files in tabular form. File ID is system generated number, next is File name which is again system generated (the files which are uploaded are replaced with different name as a part of file security and hence, it is not human re-able), then you will have the file size displayed for each of the files. Finally, you will have a button to view/download it.

There are two red buttons which says Delete Files and Folder. Each have their own functionality. Delete File(s) will delete the files which are selected. At the top, there is a field which shows the File IDs selected for deletion. Finally, Delete Folder will directly delete the folder from Nafhaa System.

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