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Just Dial Settings

Just Dial Settings UI

Just dial settings screen is as shown above. It contains Enable Email for NonMoved records, Frequency(Dropdown- daily, alternet days, weekly), Email Id’s, Enable SMS on lead entry, Enable WhatsApp on lead entry, Enable email on lead entry.

API details

Following API is used to get data from JustDial portal:

{Server IP Address}/api/JustDialAPI/Create?leadid={leadId}&leadtype={LeadType}&prefix={Prefix}&name={Name}&mobile={MobileNo}&phone={Phone}&email={emailId}&date={Date}&category={Category}&area={area}&city={City}&brancharea={brancharea}&dncmobile=1&dncphone=0&company={CompanyName}&pincode={PinCode}&time={Time}&branchpin={BranchPin}&parentid={ParentId}


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