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HR-PR (HR & Payroll)

Human Resource and Payroll departmental work is carried out in this module. It includes various sub sections for recording day to day activities in department. Employee registers, service details, monthly salary calculations, attendance and leave management are some of major sub sections in this module. To elaborate HR-PR module, lets see the picture below.

Payroll Process

As shown above, the major sub heads under HR Payroll are Employee recruitment process, employee management, attendance management, leave management, activities , loan management, notificaions and mails , salary calculations.

Out of these currently in Nafhaa, recruitment process, employee management, attendance management, leave management and salary calculations are considered. Others will be considered in next phase of development.

Recruitment Process( ATS)

  • It includes candiate to employee flow. Following are the pages from ATS.
  • Candidate:
  • Job Advertisement:
  • Interview Schedule:


  • Employee information
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Roster
  • Employee Settings


  • Missed punch
  • Leave Application
  • Overtime
  • Employee Payslip


  • Designation
  • Department
  • Location
  • Leave
  • Skill Set
  • Occupation
  • Document Master
  • Policy master
  • Pay Slip Head
  • Shift Master
  • HR Letter


  • Holiday


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