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Email Configuration

Email Configuration is an essential component in the Nafhaa platform which enables the platform to send and receive Emails using these configurations. If the configurations are enabled and are valid then, emails can be sent to the customers, users, etc directly from the respective modules.

These are some of the fields which are essential for email configuration. Nafhaa does provide you with a set of pre-defined configurations for some of the popular Email Providers like – Google, Outlook, Office365, Hotmail, Rediffmail, and Yahoo. Additionally, one can specify a custom configuration for Email using the Other option from the drop-down.

When you choose any standard email provider other than custom the SMTP email configuration like host, port and SSL/TLS settings are auto set you just need to add the email address(username) and password. For a custom provider, you need to collect these settings from your email provider which are usually stated in your webmail login or you can talk to your vendor to provide the settings and also make sure that SMTP access is enabled for third-party applications.

  1. Host – The host field will contain the SMTP Server address which is responsible for handling the emails that are being sent.
  2. Port – Port field will allow the user to specify the Port number using which Nafhaa will try to connect with the host to send the email. Port numbers are usually – 587.
  3. SSL/TLS- This switch is essential for Nafhaa use which will try to communicate with the SMTP Server or the Host which is specified in the first field.
  4. Email-Id/Username – Here, the user will have to specify the email id using which the Nafhaa platform should send emails.
  5. Email Password – Here, the user will have to specify the password for the specified Email-Id. You can also generate an app-specific password if your Email Service provider supports it.

Emails are validated by the Nafhaa platform before the settings are saved or you can manually check the same. Users will have to obtain their Email Configurations from their own Email Service provider if the configurations belong to some other providers specified or supported above.

Please note- Email configurations are arranged in a certain order of importance. Email Configurations that are defined or specified at the template level have the highest priority and then if no such configurations are not found then it falls back to User level Email Configurations finally if any of them are not available then in that case, no emails will be sent from Nafhaa platform.

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