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Getting started

We are pleased to offer you Nafhaa™ — the ERP and CRM Software offering from Silicon IT & Educational Services Pvt. Ltd, an emerging player in the IT Software space.

Nafhaa™ empowers you with a complete suite of productivity applications across all your business domains. With Nafhaa® all your key functions like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations work seamlessly with each other …. and yes it will be more productive.

Nafhaa™ comes in two versions : On premises Nafhaa™ and Online Nafhaa™.

Nafhaa™ is a time-tested industry agnostic tool with more than 150+ satisfied customers and 1000+ users. We also offer customization to address your unique business needs. For any clarifications, do drop me a line and I would be happy to revert on how you could grow your business with profits..


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