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This is main module where all employees details filled. It is distributed in near about 13 sections. Lets see one by one.

Personal Details

As shown in above screen, salutation, employee name, birth date, gender, address, city, state, email, phone, mobile etc personal details are recorded here.

Official Details

Office related details such as joining date, confirmation date, designation, candidate(reference from candidate module) , department are recorded here.

Bank Details

Bank related information recorded here.

Salary Details

Employee’s basic and CTC salary amounts entered here.

PF Details

Provident fund, ESI, PT related data entered here.


Employee related document are added from this screen.

Family Member information

Family details stored in this section.

Insurance Details

Pollicies attached with employee added from this screen.

Transfer Logs

If any employee transferred from one branch to other branch, with new designation, then this log maintained in this screen.

Salary Settings

All the pay slip heads with default amount will be added by defualt when new employee created. Whereas it can be changed using edit option

Leave settings

By default all leaves displayed here as like master. If for any employee needs to change, admin can change days.


In this section employee related document attachment can be uploaded.


Employee related notes can be added from this screen. Also given provision for attachment.

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