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IndiaMart Configuration

This configuration module enables you to configure IndiaMart with Nafhaa CRM. This will enable you to receive leads right here in your CRM’s Enquiry module. This configuration module is valid only for Indian Market only.

The user will need to specify the details received from IndiaMart. To obtain the API Key for Nafhaa for IndiaMART integration go to IndiaMART and navigate to CRM Key section and click on Generate Key.

Furthermore, the admin has the flexibility to configure, IndiaMart module to send Email regarding the unmoved records which are still pending in IndiaMart Module. Based on the frequency, Nafhaa portal will start sending mails to the specified Email Id.

Next set of settings are related to SMS, What’s App and Email notification when a lead is received on Nafhaa Portal. When, respective settings is enabled Nafhaa will either send SMS, if Phone number is specified, Email, if Email is specified or Message on What’s App. For what’s app, you will need to enable Twilio or Gupshup integration.

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