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Verson: S115 – Release: 31-01-2022

New ✨

  • For liquor company added functionality to move logistic records to sales invoice. This is as per client specific requirement. Logistic records have one or more Sales Orders, so when any logistic record moved to invoice, that much of Sales invoices will be created. Each Sales Order will linked to single Sales Invoice.
  • Added Lead Score module and implemented this to enquiry module.

Enhancement 🥏

  • For liquor companies one major enhancement is done as renamed “Case” and “Nos” fields as “Purchase Case” and “Sales Case” respectively. This change in Sales Order, Sales, Purchase and Stock Transfer module. Now it will be easy to understand the term to end user.
  • Added ticket comment as TAB in ticket module.

Fixed 🐞

  • Some of modules are not showing proper link for Tour button in grid page. This has been fixed in this sprint.
  • Enquiry notes section showing some issue, this has been fixed in this sprint.
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