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Version: S124 – Release: 04-04-2022

New ✨

Enhancement 🥏

  • Added WhatsApp and EMail button in Appointment.
  • Help portal is updated for Payroll master, Sulekha , Just Dial
  • All settings menu now displayed as Panel. So when click on settings menu bydefault opens the first record.
  • For Forgot password , if Admin SMTP configuration is wrong, then sent mail through IT department mail. Previously if Admin SMTP is wrong no mail was sending.
  • Created new section for POS template in company settings. Currently it was merged in Sales template section.
  • Invoice cancellation functionality added. In this functionality if invoice is created and user wants to cancel the invoice then its possible. The stocked utilized during this will not be considered for sales stock calculations. i.e. The stock utilized will be deducted from overall stock.
  • Companywise signature has been added for all transactional print: (Quotation, Proforma, Sale, PO, Challan, SO, Accounts/Cashbook. Dispatch, HR)
  • Added JIVARS link to WhatsApp as well as SMS in Quotation, Sales, SO, PO, Purchase, Challan, Proforma
  • In Dispatch module as per setting “EnableGRNNo” – GRN date as well as No. shown and hidden.
  • Branchwise header and footer checked in all transactional prints. (Quotation, Sales, Dispatching, Proforma, AMC, Stock Transfer, Purchase Return, Sales Return, Sales Order, PO, RFQ)

Enhancement in Ticket:

  • Rename : Select user to auto assign tickets from customer ticket page: to : Select user to auto assign manually added new tickets :
    -Enable Referance Invoice Number: Correct spelling for Reference
  • IN API Settings: User Assigned to incoming Ticket aka CMS API: Need drop down, also remove ” aka CMS ” (Enable User Assigned for Ticket aka CMS API)
  • Lead Mapping:: Instance Name: Mapping, Grid Title: Lead/Ticket Mapping
  • Lead Mapping: in Module list rename CMS to Ticket(ENUM change)

Fixed 🐞

  • In Quotation dialog Transaction Menu- When click on Sales it opens Sales grid, but after click on filter it shows all data. – Issue has been fixed.
  • CMS No: 3112: In Purchase order preview, product description is not reflecting whereas it is added in product master. For reference screenshots are attached captured from product master & Preview. – Issue fixed.
  • CMS No: 3114: In Purchase order module, the selected shipping address is not reflecting on preview page. – Issue fixed.
  • CMS No.: 3117: Kanban task report is showing error.Scrrenshot is attached for reference. – Issue fixed.
  • CMS No.: 3118: On SIPL sandbox portal, Sales order preview is showing error. Screenshot is attached for reference.- Issue fixed.
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