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Version: S123 – Release: 28-03-2022

New ✨

  • In Nafhaa, facility given to Move Transactions. i.e. Quotation can be moved to Sales Order, Sales, Proforma and Challan. So after moving, if user wants to see how many quantities has been moved, then there is no direct report. In this sprint, that report is designed. This report can be opened from Grid Page/ Index Page. It will list no. of quantity moved from transaction to transaction. This report created in Quotation, Sales Order, Sales, Challan and Proforma.
  • Create favorite view for displaying customer list who has at least one sale in Contacts module
  • Added countryId in LeadMapping module for allowing countrywise leads

Enhancement 🥏

  • In last SPRINT, Tally integrations completed. One enhancement is completed to this feature. While exporting invoices/ vouchers to Tally, if ledger or product available in transaction is not present in Tally database, then first that master data inserted. So Stock Item Creation and Ledger Creation from Transactions has been completed in this sprint.
  • HR-PR Module is now updated in help portal except master pages.
  • For new database, by default PWA setting is enabled. PWA related help document also uploaded in portal.
  • With the help of JIVARS module, once invoices created, mail sent to supplier and customer to view the transaction. Also provided link to Quick View the report irrespective of authentication. This change is done Purchase Order, Purchase, Sales Order and Sales transaction.
  • Audit log module enhancement done to view the log details more specific.
  • Barcode generation related document uploaded in portal.
  • Added multicompany option in POS module.

Enhancement in Products Master

  • In Quick filter added Code, Name, Barcode, HSN Code, MRP, Purchase Price, Bottom Price, Description
  • Inventory Norms field shown only for Liquor company
  • Tech Spec. field should be HTML formatting ( In all Print Preview where this field is added, format as per Description field)
  • Sequence of field: Group, Division, SubDivision,– MRP, Display MRP, Selling Price/Price, Bottom Price, Purchase Price
  • Adding migration to insert default UNITS – Nos, Ltrs, Kg, Gm, Box,

Enhancement in Quotation

  • In Quotation settings migration add default Title as ” Quotation”
  • By default Compliance & Compliance Type field should be visible on setting (settings used for Compliance need to use for both)
  • Folloup done by field should be visible in all followup grid (all transactions where followup shown)

Fixed 🐞

  • GST report testing has been done in Core Version.
  • In company settings need Bank Dropdown. Currently its showing Text. As per bank selection bank details should displayed – Issue fixed.
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