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Version: S099 – Release: 08-10-2021

Nafhaa has released weekly update S99 with various fixes, new features, optimization to the platform to make the user experience great.


  • In all settings module removed the delete button, so that by mistake also user can not delete the settings.
  • In AMC module as per change of Contract Type field, AMC start,end date calculated automatically.
  • For Pest control type company added single settings- EnablePestControl: in Enquiry, Quotation, AMC, Contacts, Products settings to show or hide the Pest Control fields i.e. Premise Type, Premise area, No. of rooms, Area in Sq.Ft.
  • For Pest control type company – in Material requisition only Raw Material/Part products shown.
  • Added new Pest Control Service Dashboard containing the call details, AMC details, Visit details. From this dashboard link given to add new Enquiry.
  • Added new Stock statement report specific to Friend’s Pest Control.
  • Added new inventory utilization report for Pest Control which gives employeewise raw material utilization done during the visits.
  • Added Visits field in Enquiry, Quotation product section which is linked with Pest Control company. Also in Enquiry and quotation products section shown the column – Contract Type and Visits.
  • Added new field No. of lines in Order Acceptance which will affect in Print Preview to decide no. of lines for product section.
  • Added new report Userwise sale, Visit planner as well as Enquiry Appointment details for Friends Pest Control
  • In ticket module added button in front of Site visit date to show the next 8 days visits.

Bug fixing

  • While moving data from Enquiry to RFQ, Units not moving , this issue has been fixed.
  • In sales invoice form Sales Term field was not displaying, this has been fixed.
  • From enquiry, quotation, sales, proforma, challan, purchase order, purchase, removed the total (Sum coming at footer) for year, invoice number, quotation number, serial number, proforma number, challan number.


  • Customization done for Sales products grid to show Discounted Amount as well as Base Currency Gross, Base Currency VAT, To Currency Gross and To Currency VAT. ( Discounted amount field enable/disable as per setting)
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