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Version: S107 – Release: 06-12-2021

New ✨

Some new changes has been started for Liqure companies.:

  • Added new module for Route Plan which is related to Logistic and Contacts module.
  • Added new module Logistics. This is as per requirement from Liqure industries.
  • Added new module for Vehicle Master. This module is linked with Logistic module.
  • New report “Inventory Report” added with respect to liquare client requirements.

Enhancement 🥏

  • After adding notes in any module, automatically main record gets saved. So no need to save Notes and then Main module Save button.
  • In Sales Order module added button for showing Product Overdue. When user clicks on that it shows list of Sales invoice whose amount is due from that customer w.r.t. that product.
  • In Sales Order module added field for recording whether TP is generated or not.
  • In Sales Order module added list to show confirmed order. And only these confirmed orders are allowed to move to Invoice (Sales).
  • Added facility for BULK DELETE in activity logger and NChat logger.

Fixed 🐞

  • In Core Version, alert section taking too much time. This has been fixed.
  • For POS module in multicurrency print format showing wrong calculation. This has been fixed.
  • In core version, in User Management module, department and designations showing as Text Control. As it is referring Department and Designation, need drop down for selection. It has been fixed.

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