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Version: S098 – Release: 01-10-2021

Nafhaa has released weekly update S98 with various fixes, new features, optimization to the platform to make the user experience great.


  1. Introduced new Notes modules for OzoneTel, Candidate, Products and StockIn. All of your previous notes will be moved to respective notes section. All data will be intact.
  2. New master has been introduced as Contract Type and a new field in AMC related to this new module. [Business Specific]
  3. New fields in multiple address section in Contact [Business Specific]
  4. New fields in Products [Business Specific]
  5. Added new feature to select Service based products in Enquiry and AMC [Business Specific]
  6. New Company Type added in Company Details [Business Specific]
  7. New field in Contacts for Weekly-Off [Business Specific]
  8. Added new fields for Enquiry and Quotation in AMC [Business Specific]
  9. Added new Quotation Format [Business Specific]
  10. Added new Sales Bill/Service Card format [Business Specific]
  11. Added new move to functionality for AMC to Sales [Business Specific]
  12. Added new move to functionality for Enquiry to AMC [Business Specific]
  13. Added new move to functionality for Quotation to AMC [Business Specific]
  14. Added new fields in Enquiry, Enquiry Products, Quotation, Quotation Products and AMC Products like – Premise Type, Premise Area, etc [Business Specific]


  1. Additional notification layer in all transaction module. An alert will shown if you have no records in masters related to the modules.
  2. Optimized Tele-calling Automator module.
  3. Optimized My and Team Calendar modules for UI and UX.
  4. Optimized Help button for checking the internet connectivity before opening page.
  5. Added “edit filters” to all the major modules.
  6. Updated various permissions for the masters modules.
  7. Added new validation in AMC Visit Scheduler which will check for Week-Off while adding new Visits [Business Specific]
  8. Enhanced calculations of Visit Dates based on Contract selected [Business Specific]
  9. Added a layer of validation for AMC to Sales move to operation. When moved, Sales will be locked for further modifications [Business Specific]
  10. Added validation layer for Tickets module to validate the addition of tickets. Introduced new settings [Business Specific]
  11. Added a layer to add AMC entry from Tickets module after certain conditions are met. [Business Specific]
  12. Updated AMC Module to add Visit-wise products [Business Specific]

Bugs 🐞

  1. Fixed issues with Feedback window which was showing random failures.
  2. Fixed issues with Team Dashboard UI, performance and also fixed HTTP 500 error.
  3. Fixed an issue with IndiaMart Sync operation which was causing duplicate records to be added to IndiaMart module.
  4. Fixed issues with Bird Eye View Dashboard which was displaying random data when date selection was changed.
  5. Fixed various issues with SETU (Excel Uploader) where file were not uploaded for uploading data.
  6. Fixed issues with User Hierarchy when logged in as secondary user.
  7. Fixed missing icons for some modules.
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