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Version: S106 – Release: 29-11-2021

New ✨

Some new changes has been started for Liqure companies.:

  • Added field Scheme in Sales Order.
  • Added field delivery date type : Standard/ Deferred in Sales Order. For calculating delivery date, added default days in Sales Order setting. So when the setting is on and value set for default days, on SO delivery date will be displayed automatically. By default the delivery date type is Standard. At this time user not able to edit the delivery date. If the type changed from Default to Deferred, user can change delivery date.
  • Added a field Channel in Sales Order page.

Enhancement 🥏

  • In Core version Navigation module displayed only those module which are available in Configuration file. Previously it was in reverse manner. This configuration file is also made encrypted.
  • In Purchase products module added field IsAsset. If the product is asset then that product quantity is not considered in Stock reports.
  • For Core version all CDN weblinks are converted to Offline script. This will be useful for Desktop version.
  • In POS module, on form provided preview button to show the Preview.

Fixed 🐞

  • In POS module, in EDIT mode, user was not able to see the Customer name and phone no. Now this has been fixed.
  • In CMS module under Notes Tab, notes records were displaying in random sequence. Now sorting option given to that column. So the user can get the notes in sorted manner.
  • While opening POS module, showing error. This has been fixed.
  • Reset password mail not coming in Siliconit portal. This has been fixed.
  • Some menus not displaying on Silicon Portal (e.g. Payroll module menus). This has been fixed.
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