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Version: S103 – Release: 08-11-2021

Enhancement 🥏

  • Added column picker in product section for showing/hiding the columns as per user’s choice. This change has been done with Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return, Proforma invoice
  • In core version UI for purchase, purchase return product is changed to Half width
  • Extra favorite views added in core version which are already present in MVC version
  • When currency settings enabled then by default shown base and to currency as per default currency value from Company details

Fixed 🐞

  • In core version tested and fixed the SMS configuration
  • Fixed issues from Dashboard which are related to Enquiry and Quotation closure alerts
  • India mart data not syncing issue as well as edit filter not working issue resolved from core version
  • In core version at various points, Disk Quota Full issue was occuring. This has been fixed.
  • In Enquiry module while exporting data to excel, Product Description column value comes with HTML tags. This is not fixed.
  • While opening the Quotation Product record system showing issue about “Invalid column”. This is now fixed.
  • In core version while opening PO system was showing Object Reference issue. This is now fixed.
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