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Version: S102 – Release: 29-10-2021


  • Added report in Loan Management module which tells the drill down of EMI along with principle amount, interest and EMI date. [Core version]
  • In core version, added PWA functionality.
  • If base currency and to currency are same then conversion rate will be hide as per setting. For that settings added in Company setting naming, HideConversionRateForSameCurrency. Its transactional effect done in Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales, Sales Return and Proforma modules.
  • In Purchase Return products sections Currency conversions shown as per setting (as like Sales, Purchase modules).
  • Added setting for displaying Line Total and Tax1 Amount in Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return and Proforma
  • In Candidate module only 5 fields made compulsory i.e. Name, Gender,Address, Mobile, EmailId. Other fields are made optional. [Core version]
  • In Employee Salary Settings and Leave Settings default values fetched from Payslip Head and Leave Master respectively.
  • As like Sales module multi currency preview, added Exchange rate and Taxable amount fields added in Sales Return, Purchase Return, Proforma and Purchase.
  • Added Unit Id field in Enquiry Module and in Move To operations, transfered that code to respective modules.

Bug Fixing

  • In proforma multicurrency template proforma number not reflecting. [Fixed].
  • In Detailed Stock report if user selects Product code, then report not showing values. [Fixed]
  • For Dashboard page, if clicked on Open Enquiries block, Contacts block, Tasks block then its showing error [Core version]. [Fixed]
  • Mail functionality in Core version not working.[ Fixed]
  • Attendance Punch In functionallity in Core Version not working [Fixed]
  • If conversion rate changed in master page, its values not reflecting properly in product details. [Fixed]
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