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Version: S111 – Release: 03-01-2022

New ✨

  • Created new report for Purchase of Assets. This report will list out only those purchased products which are Assets (In Purchase Product section “IsAsset” field is avaiable).
  • A new feature – Auto Save Dispatch from POS- is added in POS. For this change need to make AutoDispatchInPOS setting ON in Sales Settings module. Also on POS dialog, one check mark given to decide whether user want to save Dispatch from POS itself.
  • Added functionality for Backup and Restore in Company Settings. This will be helpful for handling the settings of company.

Enhancement 🥏

  • In Purchase Order grid added field “For Customer”
  • As per customization requirement from Liquor industry new Breakge flow has been added. In this flow if the breakage is claimable then some new fields- LR number, vehicle number, invoice number, invoice date, Brand SKU and Assigned person name added. If the breakage is Non-Claimable then these fields make hidden.
  • In core version for all settings, Boolean fields are set to default values.
  • If EnableBranchwiseOpeningStock setting is ON then Opening Stock field from products grid made disabled.
  • In main screen added Primary Company Name mentioned in Company setting.
  • In GetHierarchy function some changes done for enhancing the functionality of showing hierarchywise data.

Fixed 🐞

  • For new database in Core Version , while saving Sales, total amount is coming 0. This issue has been fixed.
  • In mail templates, mails coming with User Name. It need to replace with User Display name. This change also done in this sprint.
  • In All settings for boolean field added default values. This is because for new database due to these fields NULLABLE exception coming.
  • In Sales products section overall stock is displaying. Now this has been changed. It will display branchwise stock
  • All API tested in Core version from Nafhaa API section.
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