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Version: S122 – Release: 21-03-2022

New ✨

Enhancement 🥏

  • In Tally integration Sales Return and Purchase Return related work completed.
  • For new database add one default stage as “New”. Also for Products Division as “General”.
  • In quotation print while printing terms, if no category present for term, then shown blank category. Previously its showing “General” category.
  • In Stage Master for priority field removed ENUM and added simple text where user can enter numerical values.
  • Added setting as “NonTaxable Company” in Company Settings. If this settings is ON then in each transaction taxable value will be zero.
  • For SQLite database, while taking backup, only single button “Backup” button shown. Previously it has 2 buttons.
  • In SMS configuration module new section added for Promotional SMS.
  • New report for POS has been designed as follows:

Fixed 🐞

  • Nafhaa Report testing has been done and resolved issues in Core version.
  • CMS No: 3090:When we move sales to sales return conversion rate doesn’t move and another thing in Description HTML code is shown in the grid and in record. – Resolved
  • CMS No: 3091: [In Enquiry Module Transaction Field Record Is Opening But It Is Showing Multiple Entries.] ,- Resolved.
  • CMS No: 3092: In purchase order in preview total amount is zero value. – Resolved.
  • CMS No: 3096: In purchase module the sub contacts is present in contact master but it is not visible in Contact person field. Image is attached. – Resolved.
  • Desktop application Testing issues resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3085: [Client Is Getting Error While Updating From Advance Product Grid.] ,- Resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3086: [Alert Is Coming While Saving The Record In Product Master.]: Resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3087: [In Enquiry Module In Audit Trails Error Is Coming.] – Resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3088: [In Proforma In Preview The Title Is Shown As Joint Word.]- Resolved
  • CMS No.: 3089: [In Sales Module When We Move To Dispatch The Status Change To Close.] ,- Resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3095: [In Grn Module When We Add New Record Before Approval Record Getting Saved.] ,- Resolved.
  • It has been found that for new database, by default HideSalesProduct settings is ON. So user not able to see the Products sales in sales by default. This has been resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3097:In cashbook, while saving record, getting amount matching alert for invoice value and cash in value. This has been fixed.
  • CMS No.: 3093: [In Purchase Return When Preview The Error Is Coming.] – Resolved.
  • CMS No.: 3094: [In Grn Module Records Are Getting Saved Randomly.] , – Resolved.
  • Issues fixed related to feedback module.

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