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Version: S120 – Release: 07-03-2022

New ✨

Enhancement 🥏

  • In Leave Type module added predefined Leave Types from ENUM. This is because only selective types can be used by company. And the Leave types are generally fixed.
  • While applying for leave, if number of employee are trying to apply on same date then it will not be feasible for an organization. Considering this requirement, added setting for max number of leaves allowed in day. This will be checked while applying leave.
  • In Overtime module changes are done like, added Overtime Print. For first and second approval added default users as Manager and HR (if these users not available, displayed Admin)
  • In interview schedule module, after interview scheduled, mail sent to interviewer as well as candidate.
  • In employee module added quick filters, export PDF, excel buttons. Also done some UI changes related to field names and positions. Added option for Copy Address to copy Address to Permanent Address.
  • From employee page, location and shift can be only selected. Now the facility to add new Location as well as Shift is provided.
  • Added report in Job Advertisement module describing the details of job.
  • In Interview schedule module, added quick filters, export PDF, excel buttons.
  • In Monthly attendance module added facility for import, export
  • Added Email templates to Payroll Configuration for Candidate Registration, Interview schedule, Overtime approval etc.
  • Changes done for candidate module for some validations, UI.
  • In Roster as well as Job Advertise module added export excel, pdf, quick filter functionality.
  • In HR Letter, added options for header/ footer as well as signature, internship letter.
  • Changes has been done in Menu Structure for Payroll as follows:

Fixed 🐞

  • Issue fixed for [Input String Incorrect Error While Moving Record From Material Requesition To Dispatch.] ,(CMS No 3076)
  • Issue fixed for [In Quotation Module Few Paste Control Domain Related Fields Are Enable.] ,CMS No 3077
  • As per requirement from client, if user attached to one company, user should not be able to add record for other companies, as well as not able to view data, this has been done.
  • In Enquiry ,if stage is not selected then showing error in MoveTo functionalilty. This has been fixed.
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