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Version: S100 – Release: 14-10-2021

Nafhaa has released weekly update S100 with various fixes, new features, optimization to the platform to make the user experience great.


  • In Ticket module added fields Team Person Name and Phone No as per setting called EnableTeamPerson on TicketSettings. This team person is reference to Contacts module
  • Added new field as Agent Id in Enquiry, Quotation, Sales and Sales Order as per settings called EnableAgentId in EnquirySettings, QuotationSettings, SalesSettings and SalesOrderSettings respectively
  • Added new field as Bid Installation (Yes/No) and Actual Delivery Date in Purchase Order as per setting EnableBidInstallation and EnableActualDeliveryDate.
  • In RFQ module option added to move RFQ record to Quotation.
  • In GRN module option added to move GRN record to MRN.
  • In Order Acceptance module added field for Order Acceptance Number which is combination of serial number prefix and suffix. Prefix and suffix are added in Company settings for Order Acceptance module.
  • While creating new ticket, default it assigns to Admin. But for changing that one setting given in TicketSetting called as Select user to auto assign tickets from customer ticket page. As per value set into this setting, that user will be displayed in Assign to field in Ticket module.
  • In each submodule details section height incresed.
  • A new report created for Representativewise Material Usage which is the submodule from AMC Visit.
  • New feature added for user level company access. For this feature Enable Access To All Company and Multi company fields are added in Company setting. If Enable Access To All Company is ON then user is able to view or change company at transaction level. If it is OFF then user can access only those companies which are specified in Multi Company field.

Bug fixing

  • Dispatch number is not properly displaying in Print : Resolved
  • In salesorder product grid unit is not displaying: Resolved
  • Division Stock report products mismatching: Resolved
  • While moving SO to Proforma only closed records are moving. Unable to move Pending records- Resolved
  • GST Fields are displaying even when Single taxation is enabled in Sale, Purchase, Purchase Order, Sales Order. : Resolved
  • Some of bugs reported for Friends Pest Control client related tasks: Resolved

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