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Version: S117 – Release 14-02-2022

New ✨

  • New payment gateway Cash Free has been integrated in Nafhaa.
  • Some changes has been done for User Plan Upgrade in this sprint.

Enhancement 🥏

  • Added one advance feature for Enquiry and quotation grid for Quick Search. Earlier while quick search, the words are searched across all the columns in grid which are mentioned to allow quick search. Now in this enhancement filters are given. i.e. for which column you want to search. Due to this feature its easy for the end user to search the given word in specified column. Following is the screenshot for same.

Fixed 🐞

  • Since last few SPRINT, IPBX related some issues are backloged. So in this SPRINT, after discussions with third party, it has now fixed for incoming as well as outgoing. Some testing is pendin. In next SPRINT that will be available for use.
  • In Core Version, for some modules video and article links was missing. So checked all modules and required changes done on grid file to show video as well as articles.
  • While creating new company in Desktop version, showing some error. This has been fixed in this sprint.
  • In core version, in quotation settings, Auto Email option was missing. Its now fixed and made available in this Sprint.
  • While exporting Quotation Product issue was occuring. It has been fixed now.
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