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Version: S126 – Release: 17-04-2022

New ✨

Enhancement 🥏

  • Some of the validations are checked in EndPoints and Repositories. Now for better performance code shifted from EndPoint and Repositories and added in Dialog files. So validation now will be handled from client side code.
  • Added GSTIN in purchase and sales module. By default its value set as hidden.
  • Schedular code has been successfully transfered to Core version

Fixed 🐞

  • Enquiry module related issue fixes: In Enquiry Folloup dialog create appoinment button showing error – Fixed. In Enqury Folloup dialog Send SMS button showing error – Fixed.
  • While updating multiple records from Enquiry Grid getting error (specific Stage/Status): Fixed.
  • Email option in sales not visible: Fixed.
  • Print template previews are not visible in company setup: Fixed.
  • After moving MRN to Dispatching Product is not visible( selecting Products in Product Grid in MRN and then moving ).: Fixed.
  • Product module related issue fixes: HideOpeningStock, HideTaxation,HideProductDescription: Settings was working but on product grid its showing even setting Off- This has been fixed.
  • User hierarchy not working in User Management: Issue has been fixed.
  • DSR Dashboard testing done.
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