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Version: S118 – Release:21-02-2022

New ✨

  • New module “CashFree Transaction Log” is introduced to record the payment details from Cashfree transaction.

Enhancement 🥏

  • For improving the performance in core version, multiple connections in code file has been removed.
  • While importing contact excel if CITY or STATE is not present in masters then inserted new record in CITY and STATE master.
  • Some client specific Print formats has been created in every module. When any other clients set this format, it may be different as per their expectations. So validation is given for customer specific formats in Company Setup. i.e. If some format is defined for Liquor Company then while selecting this format by other company, given validation. Also for some settings specific formats like Currency Enabled has been created. So checked that setting.
  • Added field IsCancelled and CancleReason in LeaveApplication module. This is because if an employee taken leave and due to some reason employee wants to cancle leave, then to maintain that record these fields are needed. In upcoming sprint some enhancement (i.e. Auto Cancle leave from Attendance will be added)
  • Some changes has been done to Attendance-Leave consolidated report.
  • Added Quick Search options in all modules in Grid Pages. Due to this it will be easy to filter record with field name.

Fixed 🐞

  • Payroll module flow checking with respect to leave balance, overtime calculation and pay slip calculation done. The issues related to that has been fixed.
  • While uploading contact data through excel bug occured. This has been fixed.
  • CMS No: 3033: [In Enquiry Module Large Number Of Records Are Seen Instead Of Their Records.] ,: This issue has been fixed.
  • CMS No:3035: [In Quotation Records Are Not Seen Properly.]: This issue has been fixed.
  • CMS No:3045:[Cms Records Are Not Displaying.] ,: This issue has been fixed.
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