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Version: S101 – Release: 22-10-2021

Nafhaa has released weekly update S101 with various fixes, new features, optimization to the platform to make the user experience great.


  • Added Favorite menu in grid (data listing page). (Core version)
  • Added Header to Sales, Purchase & Proforma grid page to display total Paid and UnPaid amounts (Core version)
  • In Sales and Purchase modules displayed the contacts with outstanding amount. (Core version)
  • Added new report for Itemwise Discount given in Sales. (Core version)
  • In Advance Products Grid added column for Net Profit & Loss (Core version)
  • Added new report for Contactwise Sales & Purchase (Core version)

Bug Fixing

  • UI level changes done in Payroll module
  • If start date not provided to report, its showing error – Resolved
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